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We make sure the vehicle of your choice is delivered safely

Dealing with classic and exotic vehicles, we went through many shipping adventures in the past. It is time to pass our experience and knowledge to our customers. Our shipping department mainly covers imports and exports between the USA, Canada, Japan, the UAE, and Europe. You can trust our experience and partner network.


The shipping process shortly explained in four simple steps

Inland transport

After purchasing, we pick up your vehicle and deliver it to our handling facility next to the nearest port. Before pick up, you can choose between transporting it on an open or enclosed trailer.


Overseas shipping

Our handling facilities are located in five major US ports, as well as in Yokohama and Dubai.
There are two overseas shipping options to choose from. Your vehicle can be loaded into a container or shipped Ro-Ro. We also offer the possibility to load your vehicle into an airplane. Contact us for more details.



All vehicles are unloaded and stored after arrival. Again, we handle all export and import procedures within all major ports.
In Europe, our handling facilities are located in Rotterdam, Bremerhaven, and Zagreb.


Inland Europe

As soon as all duties are paid, your vehicle will be delivered as fast as possible, again with the option to choose from an open or enclosed truck.


For all shipping related enquiries feel free to contact us at

We are here for you

You would like to service your car at our facility?
Or just spend a holiday in Croatia without driving your classic all the way? Or why not both?
We are happy to organize a door to door pickup and delivery for you.
Our experienced staff and infrastructure make a various range of services possible. Optional shipping insurance, service, and safety inspection, or just a premium detailing after arrival is taking our customer service to the next level.

Izradu ove mrežne stranice sufinancirala je Europska unija iz europskih strukturnih i investicijskih fondova. Projekt je sufinancirala Europska unija iz Europskog fonda za regionalni razvoj. Sadržaj publikacije/emitiranog materijala isključiva je odgovornost Žac-Jelovečki-95 d.o.o. Više o projektu